RG Architects was founded in 1978. We have an experienced and diverse team of dedicated and creative individuals, who have remained in the firm since we started operations.

Our firm has an extensive portfolio of residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational projects.

We specialize in a wide variety of private residential dwellings that range from bungalows, semi-detached, terraced and non-landed developments embracing various design typologies and styles to appeal to clients of different background and taste.

We have also participated and won in various competitions some of which have also caught the eye of the media.

Our experienced staff has an extensive understanding in civil and structural engineering and a vast knowledge in the construction industry.

This is vital as RG architect’s focus and forte is not only in producing good design but in adapting to our client’s budgetary constraints, offering good advise to investment potentials pertaining to difficult sites and creatively overcoming obstacles in the planning department.

RG Architects also has the fortuity of repeated clients over the years that not only have a preference to our diverse design skill set but also appreciate the quality of work, attention to details and level of service that we provide.

We remain vigilant in our “hands on attitude’ from the start of the project till the very end.